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Western release date ?

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To be honest, Hajimari is very poor game and it's withouht a doubt my least favorite kiseki game after play each game. If with get Hajimari in english it could be the next year but Nisa can skip it if they want like already did with Zero and Ao, but both games, Zero and Ao, are amazing and it's a big shame they never realese both even with the new version available on PS4. 

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34 minutes ago, TenebraZero said:

why the hell we have to wait so long?

Release fatigue. They can't release games too often, that hurts the sales. So, now we are stuck waiting. I already youtube'd all of Zero an Ao, so now I am forsed to wait till 2023 for Hajimari. (And I imagine 2024 for Kuro no Kiseki, yikes)

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