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I Want This Game Badly On PS4/PS5


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I would love this rather remaked with a bigger map and the whole state of New York to have a opportunhity from the city atmospehere if needed.

A "remaster" is gonna be probably the same crap like with the gta trilogy just a little bit imrpoved graphics for 60 bucks.

But as long is gta v is being milked we wont see any gta 4 re-release in near future

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I would have much preferred a GTA IV remaster than yet another port of GTA V ? like don’t get me wrong GTA V is fun and all, but it’s been 10 years and ported to 3 console gens enough is enough. GTA IV really doesn’t get the respect it deserves in the fandom when all it wanted to do was take us bowling ? 


Also not what this thread is about, but I saw someone mention wanting GTA 6 instead (which I agree with, I’d also like a new entry into the franchise) but I can’t shake the feeling that after so long, GTA 6 is going to be a massive letdown and will become everyone’s new GTA IV ?

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would love a ps5 version,not sure it will ever happen as they will be too scared that it will affect sales of shark cards.

imo gta4 the best game ever made much better story,ok so the online not as good as gta5 but it didnt need online play

lets face it gtav was a ps3 game so it would be possible

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I am perfectly happy not to have a remaster for this because It was the last of the era of story focused games at Rockstar not just always online or gta online and constant remasters of the same old shite. If this gets remastered sure it will have all the original content but they will force gta online and shark card integration too. A remaster would be the worst possible thing for one of the best games that ever released on 7th Gen. 

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21 minutes ago, Letenko said:

I would also prefer a new game, which thanks to the leaks we know is in the works.


With that being said I'd love an ability to play the best GTA on modern hardware, even with it still being great on a PS3.

Sadly GTA3 (best gta), was basically shat on with its so called remaster, along with VC and San Andreas, and they will do the same to this as well. 

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