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Why not allow Husky to work on the site, if he wishes?


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Actually... There is so many suggestions proposed by a lot of users, this super-extra-hiper script by @HusKy and in general people who are willing to improve and "evolve" this site.

Maybe it's time to realize that actually PSNP gathered a VAST community and it simply cannot get "stuck" in current state.


Why not to reconsider some staff increase to improve some aspects here? Especially that there are people really willing to help, with great skills and ideas.

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Funny... Coulda swore this was in the other thread of potential solutions xD

Just now, kdogg_gamer_ said:

Oh I know and I agree with you! This site was great in 2012 but now it’s just meh. Could be way better. 

100% agree

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We sort of already are seeing the requested improvements. HusKy's addon is an example of that. I'd like to think that if there was enough clamoring for upgrades of any kind, the powers that be would take it into account. Otherwise people are just going to find ways to get the functionality they want for themselves.

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