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Buy Elden Ring or Horizon: Forbidden West? Or both?


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This Month is packed with Big Titles! 


Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Sifu, Horizon: Forbidden West and Elden Ring!!


The only Question is which one to get if you can only get one of them (like me lol)

Im pretty sure its gonna be Elden Ring for me but man... 

i wish they wouldnt all come out in the same month :D

plus i dont want to rush it once i get one of these games


Is anyone getting all of them? Or are you waiting for them to go on Sale?

Im excited for Elden Ring even though i really really want to play Horizon.

Oh well.. might get it next month then


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It's definitely a crazy month for games.


I'm getting Horizon: Forbidden West week-one, unless there's a shocking turn of events where it's a broken mess or something. I had really severe lip-sync issues with the first game, so problems aren't outside the realm of possibility. Can't fully trust even the great pubs/devs nowadays.


I wanted Elden Ring this month too, but I've told myself that I can't get it til I finish Horizon and at least 10 other games. The backlog is getting ridiculous!


Whatever ya'll decide to play, I hope you have fun. :jaymon:

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Personally I'll be picking up all of them for PS5, but if I could only pick one to play for the month it would probably be Horizon: Forbidden West. Dying Light 2 is a close second though and I might be a little more excited to play that game cause it's been like 7 years since I've played the 1st one so I'm a little more interested in seeing how much better (or worse/hopefully not) it's gotten.  


-Sifu looks awesome and I'm hyped to play that but there's no way that game will last me a whole month. 


-Elden Ring I'm buying day one but I probably won't play it for a long while. I have to be in a certain mood to play From Software games, and I just recently got around to beating Demon Souls (PS5) a couple months ago after sitting on it for a year lol. (I've had my fill of hard af FS games for a while) Case in Point: I've had Returnal (not a From game, but still hard af) since launch and I still haven't opened it lol. 

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I’m not interested in any of them. 

Modern gaming has taken the piss. All mostly games with spectacular 4K graphics, but little of actual substance. Elden Ring is the only game that looks any promising. 

They purposely made Aloy look ugly because reasons. I’m getting tired of these joke gaming journalists and these joke developers ruining my favorite hobby.

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Both for sure, but I’ll probably hold off on starting Horizon until after Elden Ring.


I don’t love dropping a narrative game like that in the middle for too long, and I know I lack the self control to wait on Elden Ring, and it’s likely to consume me for a bit, so probably best to save Horizon for afterwards ?


Hell of a month through, with Sifu coming too - and with Weird West coming only a month later, things are gettin’ toasty this year already!



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