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Review Codes Giveaways (A Castle Full of Cats PS4)


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2 minutes ago, GunfighterHefty said:

Hi, would love a code for NA. 


I actually bought the other 2 games less than a month ago on sale. Have yet to start them up due to wanting to get a trophy milestone but would love to have this one as well! Appreciate it - if it happens :)


Cool, thanks for the support!

I've just sent you a code, hope you'll post a review soon.

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3 minutes ago, Breakingthegreen said:

Hello, I've played the previous game, so I could do a good comparative review, Thank you for the opportunity again :)  PS4 EU

Thanks for your support, this one is much better so I'm sure you'll like it.

Code sent.

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2 minutes ago, RustyZero said:

hello @Leesider, i'd love a code for your new baby 😍 (EU if possible, but NA is fine too)

i'll write a review for sure.

have a nice weekend !

Sure @RustyZero, code sent

1 minute ago, ShadowSkill said:

Hello,  I would like to have a NA code please. 

Bought the first one and Sudocats,  plat the first one few weeks ago. 

Anyway, loves cats.  :)

Hey there, always nice to meet a fan! :)

You'll enjoy this one, I'm sure.

Code sent.

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34 minutes ago, Bumperklever said:

Heey, would like an eu code.


25 minutes ago, goodSuM said:

I'll take an NA code if possible.  I could use something to help my new YouTube channel out.

Codes sent





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19 minutes ago, MattbluePT said:

I would like one code as well please. EU


Thanks in advance


19 minutes ago, serrated-banner9 said:

I will take a EU code please, need an excuse to write some reviews for my checklist


15 minutes ago, Kittens Are Awesome said:

I'll take an NA code, thanks.

all sent





Thank you for participation and looking forward to your reviews (under Review thread)


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