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Watchdogs midnight launch UK


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I think I remember reading somewhere that reviews so far are fake. As mentioned above, the embargo is still up. 


I never do midnight launches. Firstly, I have no travel and it's unfair to expect my dad to take me into town when he get's up at 5am for work, and secondly, even if I DID have a way of getting in, being out at that time of night, with a brand new game or whatever, would make me feel extremely vulnerable. Never know what thieves might be out, hiding round the next corner to jump people and rob 'em.... (I read too many reports in the paper of attacks and muggings, especially happening at night)

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Midnight launches are fun. I went and got my PS4 at midnight, which was the last one I went to.


The funniest one was when CoD: MW2 came out. I walked past the store at about 6pm, and saw 4 guys and a girl already camping out waiting for the launch event. I thought to myself... "Shit, that queue is gonna get big then". At about 10:45pm, I thought "Right, I better go and get on this queue if I want to get any sleep tonight". I got back to the store at about 11:15, and the only people in front of me were the 4 guys and the girl I had seen earlier. Doh!


But for Watch_Dogs, my copy came in the post.


Dunno when I'm gonna get the chance to play it though... 

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