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4TH DLC - Hell's Where the Heart Is


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Vanillaware will wrap up its DLC plans for the PS Vita brawler Muramasa Rebirth early next month with the launch of "Hell's Where the Heart Is," the fourth and last entry in the "Genroku Legends" expanded storyline.
Muramasa's final DLC chapter stars the Lord of Hell's daughter Rajyaki, who must shift between three playable forms as she hacks away at demonic creatures and confronts classic bosses featured in the game's core campaign. Previous Vita-exclusive DLC releases include "A Cause to Daikon for" and last month's "A Spirited Seven Nights' Haunting."
"Hell's Where the Heart Is" launches digitally via the PlayStation Network on September 2 in North America and September 3 in Europe.
also, found this video:
so far... mine's:
-wow... that's fast.. thought it will take months again...
-interesting story... looks like more comical than previous ones...
- ^_^ somehow looking forward to fight Raijin in 3rd form...
for those who is interested to forms:


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has just read this:



"Hell’s Where the Heart Is" pushed to an unfixed date.


Marvelous has delayed the release of the fourth Muramasa Rebirth downloadable content, “Hell’s Where the Heart Is,” originally due out this Thursday in Japan, to an unfixed date.

The reason, according to the publisher, is due to an issue in the representation of the red-light district within the game.

There is currently no word on whether the add-on’s Japanese delay will affect the U.S. and European launch dates of September 2 and 3.

Read more at http://gematsu.com/2014/08/muramasa-rebirth-fourth-dlc-delayed-japan#vbTpiRK8Y2ZJr4ho.99




woooooooot... hope the DLC is not delayed for US and EU...

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They probably will do it but PLEASE don't make a trophy to complete it in fury mode. I really don't like fury mode.

sorry.. but I don't think so... the main game and other 3 DLCs have "Finish the game in Fury Mode" trophy so there's probably a fury mode related trophy in this one ~_~

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Yup since tuesday update.


Ok, so apparently it wasn't appearing for me when I went to the PS Store from the game and neither from the PS Store application when I searched for "Muramasa" (all 3 other DLC's did show up). I had to go to the game page in the store and only in the suggested items did the DLC show up. Weird.


Thanks anyway.

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