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[Quiz Game]- Cosplay


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                                                                   Cosplay Quiz Game


                            Come show your knowledge on Japanese culture, animation, games, videos and movies through this quiz.         


   Rules : 

  • First someone posts a cosplay from a video game, cartoon-animated, anime and film.
  • Only 1 question is asked at a time.
  • For a response to be valid, it must contain the name of the character and the name of the game or film.
  • The person who posted the question must respond within 3 days of a response to a question. I would rather people who are going to participate to be people who are here regularly so that the game can keep moving.
  • If there is not a correct response within a week, the person asking the question should provide hints or another question.
  • I would like for people asking questions to regularly check back to provide guidance if people are struggling.                


                   Hope this game is fun for everyone ! 



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It's Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening i believe, i could of guessed this days ago but i wanted to give someone else a chance :P




This could be a tough one so i'll give a couple of hints straight off the bat.


1. It's a character from an original Xbox exclusive game.

2. She's a princess and a magician.

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Its Princess Ailish from the Sudeki game.


Easy when there's an Ailish in the family!


And as for playing again - I will be lovely and pass it on ;)

Consider me impressed Lovely_Rory :lol:







Atlas that is Litchi Faye Ling from Blazblue :)




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