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Oh, Look! Another Trophy List Discussion Forum ;)


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I was going to do one to do pre-empt someone else doing that lame-ass "Thoughts on trophies?" title or some other smart ass derivative of the same, but I can't be the only one responsible for keeping up with that.

I did this for you, dude. I did this for you!

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I tried the demo the other day and it's one of the worst Vita games and one of the worst JRPGs in general I've played so far.


I also really hate it when a female character makes her first appearance with her butt in your face.


I love this game already.


there can never be enough butts

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I've heard the plat is pretty easy, because it doesn't require you to do the postgame content, which is extremely difficult and long for this game.


Also, all reports I've heard of this game are very positive, with the caveat of the heavy fanservice. The DRPG fans at neogaf say it's top 5 in the genre, although it's funny that the game is now banned from discussion there since the mods say that Atlus didn't censor enough images. I'm quite looking forward to it. 

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The best part about this game is that you can play the demo, and your saved data from said demo can carry over to the real game when it's released.


I'm definitely going to play the shit out of it just like how I did with Conception 2 lol  :devil:


I had the same opportunity, when I played the Tearaway demo and bought the game later. However, it locked me out of one of the beginner trophies, so I had to delete the game and play it for 10 minutes to have it pop. 


In any case, the EU won't have the Demo for another couple of months. I wished we had it early. I'm thinking of creating a trophy guide for it.

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