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Rise of the Tomb Raider Syria Demo


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I've been waiting for this demo ever since it was announced we'd be getting it (which was just after Microsoft's Gamescom conference). I hated the combat approach that the Gamescom demo had - this is Tomb Raider, not Uncharted or The Last of Us - and was hoping this'd convince me otherwise because it was promised to appease classic fans.


What we got? Scripted platforming, a new Lara model that looks eerily similar to Chloe from Uncharted, boring gunplay that plagues Uncharted, and a laughable puzzle that survival instincts spoiled anyway.

Very disappointing - in my opinion - and what hope I had left for this game has gone. I mean, they're saying that the puzzles inside tombs will be very complex, with tons of traps... but they also said that one of the hub areas for 2013 was twice the size of Tomb Raider: Underworld... And yeah, that didn't happen.

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Did you seriously expect anything different?  This game is going to fail, not only because of the timed exclusive deal, but the game is released the same day as Fallout 4 :facepalm:

Crystal had been hyping this demo up. I was really looking forward to it, and the people who saw it in advance (I think people who appeared at Gamescom got an early viewing of it) only had positive things to say.

And yeah, they should probably bring the game forwards or delay it - it has no chance against Fallout 4 lol (especially being confined to 2 consoles at launch).

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Uncharted's puzzles are much better than this, what the hell was that? I had hoped the sequel would try something new...

Well, the puzzle they showed is only a short one to lead into the tomb (which will be the first tomb in the game I think) so I wasn't expecting it to be difficult, especially as it's so early in the game, but even so, it's really disappointing. Break open a wall, shoot thing, progress. I hope the actual tomb is more complex :(

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And I'm saying it's probably just you. :P I'm seeing Camilla Luddington, a different looking person, playing Lara Croft.

Isn't the entire purpose of the new Lara model to make us forget that it's Camilla playing here? I swear I remember CD saying they changed the model because the Definitive Edition version looked too much like Camilla :hmm:

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trailer sucks ass and great job on uglifying Lara like that. what a piece of crap.


one can only hope that the actual gameplay will be much better than this boring mess that looks like a tedious remix of all adventure games of the past decade.

plus the hair physics are ridiculous.


the Uncharted 4 trailer, on the other hand, looked really promising. to my surprise, i gotta say. i found U3 to be the weakest part in the series and the U4 trailer exceeded my expectations so far.

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