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Who was your first best friend on PSN?


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Well, back when I started playing GTAV on the PS3, I had two friends that I always played games with.  One was a dominant type guy who was kind of a dick sometimes, and the other guy was a sweet goofy dork who mostly annoyed the other guy.  It was hilarious listening to those two talk to each other.  It's like listening to an old married couple.


Now, I have a modest group of friends.  Again, from GTA V.  They're all playing Fortnite though, so I don't party chat as much anymore.  Erebody gets all pissy when you interrupt the stealthing, which is understandable.

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The first guy I had lots of business with was toxer310 from L.A. We met playing GTA IV online back in 2008. We talked about pretty much everything and he asked a lot about Germany. However, the U.S. Army changed him and after he came back we soon drifted apart.

The other guy was ps-freak666. This was a complete other level. Since 2009, we voice chatted hundreds or maybe even thousands of hours about everything imaginable. I drove cross country twice to visit him. However, he turned out to be a fucking idiot. Self-centered and ignorant. I removed him from my friends list as soon as I came back home after the second visit this October.

I actually don't care about online contacts anymore. It's usually a superficial waste of time and most people don't even understand why bluetooth headsets sound like farts in a phone booth. And even most English native speakers I encounter on PSN have much worse grammar than I have. This is a total no-go. No thanks. ?

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