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Platinum still obtainable? Online trophy thoughts


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Hello! Today the EUR PS Store has been updated with GAMES UNDER 15€ until 8th July, including this one for 9.99 €

I'm curious and interested on buying this game and I have some doubts about the online trophies. (I'm new getting trophies in NBA LIVE games)

Can all of them be boosted?

Will it take too much time?

Is it to late for buy it?

When do the servers usually close?

The season has ended, and I do not know if it can affect like in nba 2k games...

Hope you can help me guys! 1f643.png

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Trophies shouldnt be a problem except for that last challenge on forcing a 24sec violation wich is a real bitch but other then that the trophy list isnt that hard but grindy i'd suggest on doing the mp trophies first because those are y'know... mp based


In the streetsmode challenge,

Other trophies are explained and doable on your own

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Since the season has ended, you should try to get all online trophies asap. I would think the servers will stay up throughout 2018, and maybe beyond.

It's not too late to buy. Many people play games despite the real-life season being over. I am one who still plays this and NHL, and we're in July.

The Plat isn't so bad. I was able to get it despite having my player be a PG with a height cap of 6' 5."

'Your  favorite players favorite player' is the most grindy trophy.

'Street Legend' is probably the toughest trophy in the game, but as i said, i was a PG trying to do rebound and alley oop objectives. Wasn't easy, but i got it done. I suggest create yourself as a 'Hybrid Wing,' because of versatility.

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well... what did you expect? they pulled the same stunt for NBA Live 16 and 15 and 14.. locking trophies behind events. I still havent platted the game but I got these done early based on these trends. And what do you know? No one has those event trophies since Sept. 2018. Cant say I blame ya for being angry. EA is fucking stupid.

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