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Platinum still obtainable?


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I heard rumours about some game modes being disabled, I dont have this have this game but I would lile to play it on the ps4, but I know lots of friends who have this title and would like to know what is the deal and if these rumoura are true or not. Thx

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43 minutes ago, mekktor said:

Perhaps you could elaborate on this a little?

The Taken King DLC added Artifacts as a new equipable item however to equip Artifacts you need to be level 40 and the only way to reach level 40 is if you have The Taken King DLC so if you only have the base game then you can’t obtain the Suited For War trophy that requires you to have all equipable slots filled with Legendary or Exotics items.

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It's also compounded by the only raid in the vanilla game is the Vault of Glass which is very hard to complete and unless you find 2 perfectly specced light level 400(max in vanilla is like 180) fireteam members to carry you out of the kindess in their hearts, you're not getting any of the raid trophies either.

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