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Rarest 100% trophy list of 2018


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Hi folks,


after reading through the thread "Rarest Platinum of 2018" (by @SkyesUnholy) i thought we need a similar thing for games without a platinum or games with dlc trophies :)

Consider not only the lowest percentage for 100% trophies of a game but the lowest amount of achievers as well :)


My personal rarest:



LittleBigPlanet 2


1186 achievers

18th July 2018

12:50 am

5 years 8 months 3 weeks


After i realised i have a Vita and a friend who borrowed me the move controller i searched for a GOTY edition and was happy to see that in the EU version the Muppets DLC is included (it's not in the NA version). Sadly i had to buy the DC Comics DLC as well but i did have a lot of fun going through. Although the move dlc was the hardest only thanks to the unfamiliar controls :( Glad i made it this far :)


My personal best lowest amount of achievers:



Exile's End


200 achievers

11th August 2018

5:18 pm

3 months 1 week


I played this one on my Vita and think it's quite good. Not the best graphics, but a story that kept me intertained although with some question marks even until after the end (all trophies obtained)... I sometimes wondered in my first playthrough how i should reach some areas to see some time later new abilities like jump higher or others to achieve that :D ... i think the speedrun trophy determines the low percentage (complete the gane in less than 3 hours) but thx to the trophy guide i had a good plan what i had to do :)

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Seems like I didn't play that many 100%-games this year or completed that much DLC. A total of 4 100%-only games and a total of 5 games with plat and 100% so far. :unsure:

Fun fact: 4 of the 5 plat+100%-games are by EA and all are racing games. xD I at least hope to add one other game to this list by the end of the year (Grid Autosport). 


My personal rarest:


Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PS3)


1,360 achievers

18th October 2018 10:40:26 PM

5 years, 6 months, 1 week


Well, I played the base game back in April 2013 after getting the plat for the Vita-version. I really enjoyed playing this game on a "bigger" screen (had a 22"-monitor at that point in time :lol: ) and bought the DLC in a sale shortly after only to play it for a few minutes and ignoring it for nearly 5 years. Then in July I decided to complete the singleplayer-portion of the DLC and after seeing that most of the multiplayer-trophies are quite easy (yet time-consuming) I decided to go for it and spend a "few" hours driving all the required cars to unlock all needed modifications.


Lowest amount of achievers:


Danger Zone 2 (PS4) (EU-list)


26 achievers

27th Jul 2018 12:52:17 AM
1 week, 6 days, 2 hours


Danger Zone is a spiritual successor to the crash zones from Burnout, coming from some of the former devs from that franchise. The second installment still feels a bit barebones but it's quite enjoyable nonetheless as having different vehicles like a formula-car or a big rig was surely fun.I have high expectations for the game Dangerous Driving from the devs.

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Lowest # of achievers is Chronicles Of Teddy (Asian version) where I'm one of only 3 people to 100% it (out of 111, a 2.7% rarity).


Honourable mention to the HK version of Super Hyperactive Ninja. Only at 70%  when I stopped, but I'm the only person to have 20+ of the trophies.




For games with DLC, rarest 100% is Goat Simulator. 30.59% have the platinum (31 trophies) but only 2.32% have all 83 trophies.

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My lowest 100% and the lowest number of achievers are the same game...




0.31% - 100% completed

475 achievers

19th October 2018

1 year, 5 days, 6 hours


If only I were a little faster, would've been pretty cool if I'd achieved 100% exactly one year after I started. I'm surprised the number of achievers isn't climbing faster with the good publicly the game received following the NEXT update, in addition to the permadeath trophy being easier to achieve with use of a taxi service. But maybe the damage was already done at release and players abandoned it.


I wanted to actually play the game after the NEXT update and see what's changed, so I flew to the galactic core in permadeath mode by myself. Along the way I figured out if you don't transmit milestone data for Polo onboard the space anomaly then you can visit it as often as you like for infinite black hole locations. All I needed was some hyperdrive upgrades and enough materials for warp cells and I made it to the centre in just 26 hours. Getting off the starting planet is a bitch though, and if you can't arrange a taxi service and don't know about the trick I used (I wasn't even aware of it and came across it by accident) then it's a pretty long grind to the galactic core, so that's probably why completion is so low. 


I'm not done with the game despite achieving 100%. Fallout 4 used to be my go to game when I'm not trophy hunting, now it's No Man's Sky. I choose the "explore freely" option when presented with the choice in a new save, so now I just drift from planet to planet with no real goal, only to explore and discover, which is how the game is intended to be played in my opinion. It wasn't the most enjoyable game to 100%, but once that's over it's a brilliant game to chill with. 



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I find this more interesting then rarest platinum, some 100%s can be brutal compared to just the base game. But they can also be a bit useless percentage wise (rarity), like minecraft and rocket league since the majority wouldn't even care to go for them. Then there's games like Batman arkham knight and GTA V (PS4) which gets way harder with added DLC.

For the topic:

I’m not on a PC right now, so no pictures. Edit: Pictures added

Top 3 rarest this year:


GTA V (PS4) 0,11%


Minecraft (PS3) 0,16%


Super Meat Boy 0,17% (Doesn't have DLC, just put them in rarity order for the year)


And top 3 least achived:


The Golf Club 2019: 26 achivers (No DLC, but the one with least achievers)


Monster of The Deep: Final Fantasy XV: 60 achivers (No DLC)


The Surge: 79 achivers (Rarest with DLC for the year)




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Futuridium EP Deluxe (PS4) - 0.06% with 22 total achievers.


With this low % you may think that this is insane, actually it wasn't that bad. I've completed harder games but less rare than this, in my opinion. It's more frustrating than hard, especially that stupid minigame Flappy Bird-like, which is really, but really annoying.



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