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13 hours ago, TJ_Solo said:


YOu mnean that you don;t liked 3rd party software like Denuvo. 


There's always been some form of license management used for games, music, and movies. The NES carts were a form of DRM. CDs for PS1 used a specific wobble frequency for reading and region locking. All these "stability" parches also attempt to detect/ban modded consoles.



Not so much reason to mod consoles now that Sony & Microsoft don't region lock.


I've played some PC games with Denuvo.  While I have not personally had trouble with it, I'm glad when I hear about it being removed from a game because there are some who report problems with it.    Katsuhiro Harada has blamed Denuvo for some performance issues with Tekken 7 on PC, calling it a "problem with encryption program".  Akuma's Shakunetsu Hadoken caused the game to lag sometimes, but with that being awhile ago, I'm sure that's been fixed.  Rime has had Denuvo officially removed, & is said to run better.


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