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Uh hi, im giving this whole thing a try...so about me

Im 17, i have no life..I'v been gaming since I was 4..first game ever was Conkers bad fur day...yeah.. I almost always play everyday, my favorite type of games are shooters (FPS/TPS) I also like RPG and racing games and a bit of adventure. I need more people to play with..

My games:


Ridge Racer 7

Alone in the dark inferno

Dark souls

Demons souls

Metro last light (with season pass)

Call of juarez the cartel (dont like this)

Dead island

Battlefield 3 (all DLCs/premium)

Call of duty Black ops 2 (first 2 DLCs)

Little big planet 2 special edition


Sleeping dogs

GTA IV (with DLCs)

Counter strike GO

Battlefield 1943

Section 8: prejudice

Resident evil 4

Thats it....yeah..

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