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32 minutes ago, wesamyalaa said:

does anyone know when it's coming out in the Eu store ??

Most probably - never, but you can always contact devs of this masterpiece:




however another hit, The Dreamlands: Aisling's Quest was later released in EU on PSV, so... Who knows.

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The more countries/regions a publisher releases a title for, the more money it will cost them. You'll notice a lot of these games that cost low amounts of money aren't ever sold outside of North America because of this. In these situations, going through the legal processes for releasing a lower-budget independent title to be available in each country/region is very costly which is why you really can't expect a game like Tower Of Dragonasia to be released for Europe and other Continents.


About the trophies, even if this game ends up available in more places don't get upset if there isn't a new seperate trophy list (I mean, why else would anyone want this game to be released for their convenience?). Green Lava Studios released My Name Is Mayo and Mr. Massagy in Europe a year after their North American release dates using the existing trophy lists. This created an expectation that there must be a new stack for games that have delays between regions otherwise people won't be happy they don't have more to spend their money on.

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Seems there's only one list for each console. Meh, might get it if I wanna play on Vita.

2 hours ago, Sikutai said:

The Crossbuy Version is out now but I have to buy it again. That's unfair for Day 1 Buyer. Is there a chance to get my Vita Version of the game?


Have you looked in your download list perhaps?

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