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Hint for PS5 controller button light?


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Hey, I've got an email from Sony about the Summer of Play Trophy challenge and noticed something while the page loaded.


Old loading animation (also seen inverted or with respective colors but always animated like this)




New loading animation




If I remember correctly, the symbols never faded from white to the respective color before.


What do you guys think? Is this just a new loading animation or is Sony teasing something here? Personally I'd really like if the buttons would light up on the controller. What about you?

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Well, would be cool. Nobody who has used the controller has mentioned it, but could be under a NDA or the feature hasn’t been activated yet by Sony. I always thought it was strange they did away with the iconic colours. This is a bit of a stretch though (plus do they really want more people complaining about lights draining the battery because so many do not realise how little power a tiny led bulb uses? It would be the ds4 VR light debacle x4)

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