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Trophy Hunting Games


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If by good, you mean cheap, plenty of trophies and easy <60min games, then check out titles by Ratalaika Games, POWGI, Sometimes You and Eastasiasoft as you will net platinums for fun off these.


Too many to list, but check the Easy games tab on the forum homepage and from there you'll be good to go.


Be warned, the majority of these games, although you can stack them multiple times, aren't great lol.


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Hope this helps!


@aZombieDictator has the right publisher though. They purposely make easy trophy lists to reel trophy hunters in.


There's other great titles though other than Rata games that are a little more fulfilling, but if you're just looking for level gainz, those are your games.

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On 22/10/2020 at 11:57 PM, Trixter_Loki said:

Anyone know a few good trophy hunting games?  I'm generally too busy working for a living and would like to level up with little effort like everyone else.  Thanks.

So you want to earn trophies with little effort?

Well luckily you live in a time where that is possible.



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As mentioned, Ratalaika games are a trophy hunters dream. Bought a bunch of them in a sale to pad my trophy count in order to make the FF7 remake my 100th platinum and 7777th trophy. Something like My Name is Mayo also fits the bill as an easy trophy game.

However, if you're after something a bit more substantial but still easy, things like the Telltale or Lego games are a good shout. Spyro Trilogy as well as that's 3 games with relatively easy trophy lists. Same can't be said for Crash.

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