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Do you have a "skin" on your PS3?


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I once had a skin on my PS1.. and it looked shit. Never again! Anyway I have the super slim PS3 so I can't have one even if I wanted to. 


BTW why is there a Monster Energy logo on a FFXIII PS3 skin? How random. 

I got an extra sticker when I sent in my tab's for a prize, I also have them on my TV,PC,gun,radio,phone,door and dresser...I guess I went a little over-board with that.

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Noo man but it would be pretty sick.




Check this out: https://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/8202-new-forum-members-please-read/



thanks and thank you parker! i never know about this topic until now.


i know it's might been made this way to fix the issues of copyright of each pics and to see if it's really belong to you, but i thought that i can simply bring up my memory stick or goes to my ps3 HDD and upload my own pics just like that.

aw well i'll upload mine when i'm done.

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