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OK so I have a PS2 but only 1 game for it - Final Fantasy 12.

I have never played it (the game) and my intention is to play it then sell it as well as the PS2.

However, I don't really see myself getting round to playing it. But I would probably want to if I don't and sell it.


So, my question to you is: is the game worth keeping my ps2 for to (possibly) play it one day or should I just accept that it probably won't ever happen and sell it now?

I have a few games on my ps3 backlog I want to focus on to try to finish some off before getting a PS4  because I know that will take up all of my time

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Trust me, DONT sell your PS2. You will definitely regret it if you are a die hard Playstation fan. I had thought about selling mine but I decided not to 'cos a lot of my friends were whining and regretting for selling theirs. And as for playing the game, play it here and there in between when you are bored of playing the games you have on your PS3. Dont rush to get a PS4.

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I still have a PS2, Do I play it? No, it just sits there gathering dust for the past 5 years or so. Without looking I'm not sure if it's available on the PS store but like pretty much every other decent game it will probably end up there eventually so I doubt keeping your PS2 is that advantageous. Seriously though, how much do you expect to get for a used PS2 with one game?

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Keep it. It's much more valuable to you now than it ever will be if you sold it. You'd honestly be lucky to get any amount of money for it, so keep it for a rainy day.I have my PS2 and a multitude of games for it, and I have no intention of ever selling them; I paid out the arse for some brilliant games back in the day, so it seems retarded to sell them for pennies years later when they're still amazing games.

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