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On 11/5/2022 at 5:07 PM, kloudmuka said:

If I beat Chapter 3 boss without damage in Kensei mode, will I get the Kensei trophy or I still have to do all the 7 chapters?

all the 7



So is better do the chapter 3 boss no damage on easy or normal? can he wipe out you on normal? or is better to get a better record if he hits you or not? i thought i did a no damage but on easy the first time you get no life loss...

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I'm going crazy with the "Dedicated Collector" trophy, it's the last trophy for the platinum, on my third run I followed a video guide and only the collectibles trophy popped.

I thought maybe I missed one, no biggie, let's go for a fourth run, I used another video, 45 upgrades between stamina, health and weapons, and the trophy did not pop again ?

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On 6/1/2022 at 8:11 PM, A-D-I-L_99 said:

I started kensei playthrough. Health upgrades not showing up in guessing it's because u die instantly. So hopefully I just need the health upgrades if I collect everything else on this playthrough?? 


That's what I'm doing yeah.



BTW: for 3rd chapter boss, don't move an  inch, parry and heavy attack. Don't try to parry his counter, just hold down L1. He'll attack many times but you'll block all of them. He'll continue until you're in the tired state but then he backs off and lets your stamina recover. Then rinse and repeat. Again don't move your player right to left at all. After like 10 times of this he's dead and you haven't taken a hit. I tried the other strats like place swap etc, but I couldn't pull them off. This is easy if time consuming.

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Starting my Kensei playthrough (already did Ronin for my first, as well as a partial run for the early ending) and it's kind of a relief to hear that Kensei is meant to be Bushido with OHKO, instead of Ronin with OHKO. Hopefully that means the bosses are less tanky than on Ronin, which would make beating them hitless a lot easier.


As a bit of an aside, I actually managed to beat the Chapter 6 boss hitless on Ronin, without really meaning to. That one's so easy to cheese by spamming the downward square slashes, guy's just stunlocked until he dies.


EDIT: Wow. The difference in HP is night and day. The Aiko fight lasted for all of fifteen seconds. I greatly overestimated how hard these hitless fights were going to be.

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Definitely some tricky sections on Ronin, and defeating chapter 3's boss damage-free seemed tougher than the videos make it appear. I did two full runs: Ronin, where I saw two endings via save backup, followed by Kensei with the final ending, then a quick jaunt up to chapter 4 on Kabuki for clean up. This took me around 12 hours total, I believe, and I'd say it's a 5.5/10 kinda game with respect to challenge.


On the initial Ronin playthrough, spamming the stun combo unlocked in chapter 2 (square, square, triangle), and later, the superior rotation stun (away+square, triangle) trivializes most encounters with frequent finishing moves, while simultaneously regaining your health. More broken still, only the final attack of these techniques actually needs to land for the stun to occur. What is game balance? Use your ranged weapons to deal with the more pesky enemy types, such as spearmen. After this, it's mostly smooth sailing.


For Kensei, the rotation attacks are safe and effective against most foes when timed correctly. Disregard what your master advised in the tutorial, approaching opponents with your back turned for a swift strike. Projectiles should be saved to instantly eliminate riflemen, bowmen, spearmen, and the annoying varieties of spirit enemies late game. This difficulty is honestly laughable compared to Ronin, as even the bosses are simple to beat hitless, with one exception...


I finally faced Shogun Kagerou on the Kabuki setting, making sure to collect every character upgrade on the way there, and backing up my save at the last shrine. The only strategy which worked for me required using the place swap parry ability found in this chapter, to your left immediately after leaving the stables. Otherwise, my stamina was always exhausted before long, which guaranteed death. Here's exactly how I approached the fight:


1. Parry, followed by a heavy combo (triangle x2), and another parry almost immediately. Do this loop 3-4 times, then perform the place swap parry (towards+L1) and quickly move to the opposite side of the screen to recover stamina.


2. Quick turn towards him, and throw all of your kunai for a stun, providing additional recovery time. When he reaches you, do the above parry/heavy loop another three times, then place swap again. Run to the opposite side and quick turn, as before.


3. Fire two arrows. This time, only do the loop twice when he arrives, before place swapping, and fleeing to the opposite side.


4. Another quick turn, followed by shooting 1-2 arrows. At this point, he'll probably change things up, delivering a fast series of strikes you'll need to block, before doing the parry loop again. Sometimes you'll get lucky, however, and he'll just go for another predictable overhead swing. If I'm not mistaken, it should be possible to finish him off right here, with another few heavy combos. If not, you'll need to place swap only once more.


If at any time he hits you, simply pause the game and restart checkpoint before you die, to save yourself the trouble of closing the app to download your backup. Got it done in five attempts with this strat; the projectiles are really helpful, and the passing parry was absolutely necessary for success. Unlike the videos I've seen, Kagerou never backed off to let me regain stamina, so either that got patched, or I was extremely unlucky/bad at the game.

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Glad I waited till this was on ps plus after nearly buying it a couple of times in the past, the visuals are great but between the repetitive, unresponsive combat and load of collectibles with no chapter select I would have felt like I'd wasted my money

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