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Current state of the PS5 version?

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Hello there, 


could anybody who lately played The Outer Worlds' PS5 version share their experience of the current state? I remember, when they released it there were performance issues, buggy trophies etc. (there are also some forum threads about it, but no one posted in them in months) 


Thanks in advance!

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22 minutes ago, Gommes_ said:

I am playing it right now and after almost 30 hours I can say that it runs great for the most parts. No bugs, no crashes, nothing. The only things I've noticed are slowdowns in two particular places. Later in the game you talk with the secretary of the adjutant and the framerate ALWAYS tanks whenever you are in that place talking to him. It seems like the game runs at 20fps or so in that moment.

Another instance was during a shootout close to Stellar Bay but that only happened twice and is not as consitant as the aforementioned description. Apart from that I have nothing to complain, it's quite the opposite. I've read that the loading times used to be awful on the PS4, taking up to 40 seconds whenever you fast travel. This is not a thing in the PS5 version where these range between 2-5 seconds.



That sounds good, I'm considering getting it on the current sale. Thanks a lot! 

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I just ran into a really nasty game-breaking bug on Byzantium. The first time I put the robot SAM in my party, I changed the armor on my other companion, Ellie. When I got out of the menu and looked at SAM, he had turned into a T-Posing headless suit of floating armor, the same that I had just equipped to Ellie. I tried reloading a save, closing and restarting the game, restarting the PS5, but he remained glitched. Thinking oh well it's just another visual bug and I'll just live with it, I went on to complete all the Byzantium stuff.


Now here's where the game breaks. 4 hours later I go to get on my ship to leave Byzantium, and the game crashes roughly 20 seconds after getting on the ship. I am able to repeat this crash every single time. I think (hope) it has to do with SAM glitching. I reloaded an earlier save and lost 4 hours, but I have been standing on the ship while typing this and the game hasn't crashed, so fingers crossed I've figured it out.

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On 3/16/2024 at 12:05 AM, starcrunch061 said:

I know it’s been months since thus thread started, but this game runs great, and that’s something for an Obsidian title. Load times are reasonable, and all in all, I’m pleased.

Loading times are great but the performance overall is just bad... Mostly 60fps in enclosed areas but in more open environments, the framerate is just all over the place with frequent stuttering to boot. The kind of performance when you start debating yourself whether it wouldn't be better to just play it at 30. Assuming it's stable and doesn't have the stutter issue. 


Editing after beating the game: it gets better later on, the first location (which I based my original opinion on) is by far the worst performance-wise. It's not perfect and it still can get pretty bad at times but nowhere near Emerald Vale level. 

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