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Post doesn't stay centered

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Not a huge issue but I am sure some people have noticed it. Whenever I center my post, a couple days later it ends up being off to the right, not in the center. Happens every time I post underneath my platinum picture in the "Most Recent Platinum" topic. I have noticed other peoples posts do the same thing. If you go here https://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/187-most-recent-platinum/page-274#entry312191 you will see what I mean. Look at everyone that posted right beneath their platinum picture it is now moved to the right. Like I said, it stays centered for a couple days then moves to the right. Is this just a bug or something?

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Like vivan said, everything that shares the same lines as the popular tag is shifted to the left and readjusted from "true center" to a new center justified on the popular tag being the new right "border" for center. Anything below the popular tag that doesn't share lines with it (In your case, the text "Burnout Paradise") is not shifted to the left and remains at true center.

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It looks like the popular post star is shifting the text and picture on top slightly to the left, making the text below look off-center toward the right. The bottom text is actually centered. I used to have this problem on the first post of my trophy checklist thread until I added a couple blank lines to the top so the top line of text was below the level that the star was at.

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