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This Really One of The Worst Games?


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I'm really asking for player opinions.  Most critics are...  well...


Personally, I loved it! The gameplay mechanics deliever as promised: you can hop in and out of enemies and NPC's or turn them into friendly A.I during gun fights. The online MP is similar to Demons Souls...you can join other players games as either an ally or grief them as an enemy. Griefing was so much more rewarding for me, lol.


I've experience things from fighting 2 or 3 other players in the middle of a boss fight (and vice versa to someone else) to have 3 other people join my game as allies while 4 other people hacked in as enemies and my campaign instantly turning into a team deathmatch. It does and awesome job at bending the lines between co-op and competitive gameplay. It was honestly one of the most fun and unique gameplay experiences that I've had since owning a PS3. The story however leaves much to be desired. It totally falls apart at the end.

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Heres a review of the game by Angry Joe ... seems like a pile of garbage of a game to me :P

Angry Joe makes any game sound like it is the worst piece of media ever created.

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On 5/20/2014 at 4:44 PM, Razza said:


Heres a review of the game by Angry Joe ... seems like a pile of garbage of a game to me :P


As someone with the platinum trophy for this game, I can safely say it's actually at least as bad as AJ describes here. It's not a steaming pile of glitchy shit, but most of the gameplay is somewhat of a mess and the story is laughably bad. I had a lot of fun playing the game, but it was for all the wrong reasons.

On 7/13/2016 at 1:56 AM, damage_6-9 said:

It has online? Damn, better get another one, lol


Yes, it has online like the Souls games, where people invade your game to either help or control your enemies. o.o No joke. I think the option for people to invade you while you play is turned on by default, so it wasn't that hard to find people to invade etc. There are also certain things I remember that was easier in co op or something. Some of the online trophies are sort of a grind, as in you need to invade over and over and over, but this luckily doesn't take all that much time, it's just a grind to actually do and will require a partner.


Also, I think you can't get the platinum for the JP version or something.

A small spoiler, but it's totally irrelevant as the story doesn't make any sense:

The guy you beat up at the beginning of the game, which I think you can see in AJ's video, you will meet him again at the end of the game. After you beat the last boss, which you don't actually kill (because you don't actually kill any boss in this game), he suicide, some guys will come in for the rescue in a chopper. The leader of those guys is the guy you beat up at the beginning of the game. You can see he's still beat up, but he acts as if it never happened, greeting the main character all happy and stuff, while the main character basically just ignores him. Such a strange scene, and that's pretty much the ending. o.O


More nonsense in this game is:

At some point in the game you meet some guy who works at the place you are at. He got a key card you need, but he won't give it to you until he can exit the area. This area is like a big open road towards a gate. The road is like 50 meters, that's 164 feet or something. That's all you gotta do, follow him those 50 meters. The game explains this to you with a dialogue that doesn't make sense, I think it might be in AJ's video. Of course there's tons of enemies, and you kill 'em all. At the very end though, when the guy is about to get out and give you the card, he gets shot..... Did they just not care to animate him exiting through a door?

Why stop with the nonsense there?


I don't know why AJ didn't mention it in his video, because you can see him showing it, but you got these oil cans or whatever placed all around in most levels. You'd think you could shoot 'em and it would blow up, be an efficient way to take out a lot of enemies, but they can't blow up. I bet they never got around to implementing it.

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