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Am i the only one that is a bit annoyed with the driving in the game? Like whenever i even touch the brake my car just goes into a drift mode instead of braking, same when taking a turn at high speed, the car brakes loose and drifts away (with a crash as a result).


Also the camera isnt really functioning as hoped (when i turn right, the camera turns left... defuq).




Anyway, i like the game, its a lot of fun, but this is just the one thing that annoyes the hell out of me.

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I always think the prettier driving games get and the more detail they put it it gets harder and harder to spot potential hazards at high speeds. I got into a slide and corrected into a back alley with a dead end. Got corned and shot. My first trip in the drivers seat did not go well! lol

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I... have no problem driving, although I have seen it as a common complaint. Are we nitpicking? I mean sure there are the standard open world hiccups, but I have nothing to complain about yet. How exactly are you braking? Braking before the turn--braking during the turn? I hope you are not trying to make a high speed turn. From what I have noticed each car drives a little differently--and yes some happen to initiate a drift more than others--but nothing is uncontrollable. I am not sure if you have noticed yet, but you can press LEFT on the d-pad to widen your camera, which helps quite a bit. 


I have a preference for the motorcycles because they are the easiest to drive from Point A to B simply because you can just ride the middle of a lane and coast at high speeds through the turns. Even in cars, coasting through turns is helpful.

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The driving is terrible, haha, I mean you get used to it after a while I suppose, but still.... aghhh... lol


The game has been really fun, but I am still very pissed that the game didn't keep its serious and dark tone and "art style" to it, along with the "heavy" and more realistic-looking driving the game appeared to have back in 2012.

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