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Killzone shadows fall trophy hardness

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good fucking joke

Lol hardness. I think you mean difficulty. 

ahh no. I mean Hardness

8/10 (hard)

because of the multiplayer trophies. -_-

that's weird you haven't even platinum the damn game!

More time consuming than hard. Multiplayer challenges can be quite annoying especially if you're not that great at the game. You could get lucky with make specific ability warzones but still going to take a while.

How long? I've played kz3 you dig?

Not even gonna attempt the multiplayer on this one so my Platinum is a deffinate no no.

Why? you hate the multiplayer?



Not a hard platinum, just takes a whole lotta freaking time.

how about campaign?

About a 5/10

Just takes time for the mp trophies. Think it took about 8k kills legit to finish all mp trophies for me.

Sp wasn't hard at all

but what level were you?


wow nice:D

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I mean rank you in? is it like KZ3?

Only thing that is similar to ranking is when you complete challenges. Like X amount of kills to unlock a weapon attachment or abilities. Then your total amount of challenges will be displayed next to your gamer tag in game. Example if you saw me in game above my character will say something like "(1234)weeztha"

Hope this helps.

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As someone who is just barely mediocre, I can honestly say that this was not that bad of a plat. The online trophies are a hell of a grind (im looking at you jack of all trades) but nothing was overly difficult. I use this site (if their is a guide) and ps3trophies.org for difficulty ratings. The rating ps3trophies.org  gave shadow-fall was an overblown 8/10, this is a 5/10 for difficulty at best. Saying that this game is two levels away from Max Payne is criminal.

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The Jack of All Trades is the most difficult trophy by far. The rest are relatively easy. Overall, I'd say it's a 5/10 in difficulty just because of how frustrating some of the abilities are to rank up. I personally haven't platinumed it at the time I'm writing this, but I'm one ability away from it, so I think I can judge it pretty well.

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Overall it's not a hard platinum just a long one. The single player trophies are no harder than most other FPS games. It's the multiplayer trophies that will consume most of the time. As a decidedly average multiplayer gamer it took me 111 hours to get all the online trophies but I really enjoyed KZ:SF multiplayer so it wasn't a grind for me.

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how about campaign?


Campaign is pretty easy, I was able to get the collectibles without a guide, there's a lot but they are easy to find and actually pretty interesting. I was able to do a playthrough on Hard without much deaths then just replayed the sections that I died at on easy for no death trophy. (This game is split into very very small short sections). The only other campaign thing is a few random easy things you need to do.


I have not finished Multiplayer yet, I haven't worked on the game for months, just need to go back and get the last few multiplayer trophies.


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