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Case or CD holder?


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Cases, for the same reason I prefer real books over e-books. A shelf full of games (or books) looks nicer and has a greater visual impact than a single case or e-book reader that's full. Imagine swinging the doors to a room full of books and being told by the owner that he's read all of them. Now imagine being given an e-reader and being told he's read all the books on that. You'd be like "pffft". Same thing with game cases.

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How do you like to store your game discs? Do you prefer to keep them in their cases or store them all in a CD wallet or maybe something else? 


I use this below to store my CDs and for my Vita games I have 2 HORI game cases which store 12 carts each. 



I like them in my CD wallet, problem is I am very an@l at having it alphabetically so it becomes a problem whenever I get a new game -_-.


I'm in the market for another bigger, better CD wallet since game library is getting larger. Your CD "wallet" looks interesting, its like a big case.


I also prefer games to come in their original cases because I like to display them at my computer desk; also am in the market for a better display shelve system or something.

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