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Which PS Vita pack should I buy?


PS Vita Packs  

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  1. 1. Which should I buy?

    • All of Them (I will ignore this advice!)
    • Pack 1: God Of War Collection
    • Pack 2: Action Games Pack
    • Pack 3: 10 games pack
    • None

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I've been looking into buying a PS Vita and found three pretty cool packs at a cheap price. What am really looking into is the games that come with it, I don't care about the size of memory card as I can easily buy one anywhere. Am just looking for the best game bundles for now. Which of these would be best for a new PS Vita owner. All these packs are the same prices.


1. PS Vita Slim and God Of War Collection and 1GB memory card  - God Of War and God of War II:

Never played a God Of War game but they look awesome and the first two seems like the best two to start with and I like HD remakes of great games.


2. PS Vita Slim and 5 Action Games and 8GB memory card - Killzone: Liberation, God Of War: Chain Of Olympus, Playsation All Stars: Battle Royale, Batman: Arkham Origins Deluxe and Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition:

I already know how great Injustice Gods Among Us is, I have it for Xbox360, I wouldn't mind getting it again but don't suggest this list due to just that game, PS All Stars I already have in my Instant game collection, I may like Killzone: Liberations, I loved Killzone Shadowfall, never played a God Of War before, not sure order of games and I really like Batman games but am not that big a Batman fan.


3. PS Vita Slim and 10 games and 16GB (Don't recommend this just due to there being way more games, I haven't heard of most of these) - Little Big Planet, Wipeout 2048, MotorStorm RC, Little Deviants, Frobisher Says! (With Super fun pack), Ecolibrium (With game packs), Racket and Clank: Size Matters, Lemmings, Hungry Giraffe, Roatating Octopus.


Little Big Planet seems fun but isn't there a newer sequal and even a third coming out? As for the rest of these I know nothing about.



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Yeah the 5 game pack has a different selection of more decent games I'd say. But I also would purchase the largest memory card you can I think mine is 32GB and it gets full pretty quick, there is 64GB available also :)

Edit: haha just saw you dont care about the size but just to let you know they fill up quick

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Little Big Planet seems fun but isn't there a newer sequal and even a third coming out? As for the rest of these I know nothing about.


The Vita version of LittleBigPlanet is a completely different game to the PS3 ones. Currently it's the newest game released of the series so far.

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