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Get $50 PS Card for only $40 (Email delivery)


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I never buy digital games either, but I would buy the card if I ever wanted to buy PSN games or an avatar.

Exactly, Limbo or Brothers are examples of great PSN games, if it would be possible I'd buy them physically, but they're digital only, so in those moments that card comes in handy, or even for DLC content for a game you love.

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That FFVII for PS4 is going to be a digital only, right? I'm sure I'll find something to spend it on eventually, it's hard to pass-up a $10 profit anyways. :P


Keeps telling me that they cannot process my payment at this time; to return to the merchant's website, etc etc.

I was able to add it to my cart fine, but I had a hell of a time trying to checkout. I ended up having to go through the eBay app on my phone.

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