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Tales of Zestiria have different CE depending on Region


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I decided to take a look on European and American Collector's Edition of Tales of Zestiria and discovered that, The american collector's edition was better than European version, despite costing less.
The difference is as follow:
1. Different Collector's Edition box for both region's.
2. The American collector's edition comes with a Steelbook while, the European only gets a Metal Case.
(This also happens with Tales of Xillia 2 where European had to purchase the Day 1 edition to get a Steelbook (Meaning a EU CE + Day 1 Edition)
3. The American Collector's Edition contains 8-bit Retro Key-chains. (Not present in the European).
4. The Tales of Zestiria comes on a Blu-ray in the American Collector's Edition while, the European only get a DVD.
The difference below is something that, I theories based on previews releases.
0 The American Anime and Soundtrack will be coming in separate case while, Europeans will find the Soundtrack and Anime in the Game Case.
US Collector's Edition + Pre-order
EU Collector's Edition + Pre-order
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They always like making EU feel left out don't they? I want the NA edition but damn.. 


EU was the only that, got a Special Edition for Tales of Graces F but, since then we have been shit on with every edition.


Tales of Xillia - Theme and better box + number figure

Tales of Xillia - No Steelbook, No hardcover Artbook, No Jewelcase for Soundtrack 


Steelbooks are terrible to begin with. Only thing that matters in either of the CEs are the Chibi Kyun figures and both of them get them.


Steelbook is better quality than Metalcase 

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Yeah, I cannot wait to see all the things we won't get in the SO5 and P5 collector editions. 


Hopefully SO5 will be better than Lost Hope.

Persona 5 I just import so, what's the issue?



I'm seriously wondering if there is some "screw EU" rule in Japan. I just can't wrap my head around this crap.



It's only Failco that does it toward EU.


IdeaFactory, NISA to a certain extend trends EU with respect 

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