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Grand Signature Tournament II - Round 1 [RESULTS]


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This is Round 1 of the Grand Signature Tournament II on PSNProfiles. POST YOUR VOTES! Advertising for voting will only happen if votes for a Round are under 25 or there is a tie in a Matchup.


Round 1 Voting Deadline: January 23rd

Theme: Magic



Voting Rules:



Matchup A:

WINNER! - Tidus (Floriiss) - 23/29 votes (79.3%)



Lightning (Xhillia) - 6/29 votes (20.7%)



Matchup B:

WINNER! - Noctis (Ramonachan) - 19/29 votes (65.5%)



Cecil (EggsInTheMorning) - 10/29 votes (34.5%)



Matchup C:

Lulu (Espeon) - 2/28 votes (7.1%)



WINNER! - Wakka (Raitandrul) - 26/28 votes - (92.9%)



Matchup D:

WINNER! - Tifa (DEMON) - 19/28 votes - (67.9%)



Balthier (RaveNScythE18) - 9/28 votes - (32.1%)



Matchup E:

Squall (Dav9834) - 2/28 votes (7.1%)



WINNER! - Cloud (TensaiKatana) - 26/28 votes (92.9%)



Matchup F:

Sephiroth (HaSoOoN-MHD) - 9/27 votes (33.3%)



WINNER! - Auron (Zone Hunter) - 18/27 votes (66.7%)



Matchup G:

WINNER! - Vincent (cmgravekeeper) - 24/28 votes (85.7%)



Vivi (Masamune) - 4/28 votes (14.3%)



Matchup H:

WINNER! - Yuna (Izularia) - 20/28 votes (71.4%)



Kefka (OverNINEthousand) - 8/28 votes (28.6%)



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Signatures are looking great! Good luck to everyone that participates. 


Matchup A: Tidus

Matchup B: Cecil

Matchup C: Wakka

Matchup D :Tifa

Matchup E: Cloud

Matchup F: Auron

Matchup G: Vincent

Matchup H: Yuna

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Matchup A: Lightning 

Matchup B: Noctis

Matchup C: Wakka

Matchup D; Balthier

Matchup E: Cloud

Matchup F: Sephiroth

Matchup G: Vincent

Matchup H: Yuna




This D: appeared for the 4th matchup. 


2nd EDIT:

Pfft apparently I didn't type well last night. Fixed some typos.

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Matchup A
I think Tidus is honestly the clear winner of this matchup.  There seems to be quite a bit of work gone into the signature compared to his opponent.
Lightning's signature is basically a render slapped on a texture.  Maybe there has been more work done that we can't see but that's what it looks like, the text placement, it isn't bad, but more could have been done with it, it can barely be seen where it has been placed too, I thought for a moment it was a textless signature.
My vote goes for Tidus.
Matchup B
This is a nice matchup :D
Noctis is definitely the winner here, the effects in the signature are so detailed and the text is really well done.  I don't have too many things to say about this signature other than it's awesome.
Cecil, while the text is on point (did make a little slip up by including SOTM though, but I can look aside that), I'm not really a fan of the background, it looks blurred and it's not a nice kind of blur.  The fire effects around the character is nice, but sadly, I like Noctis' signature a lot more.
Vote goes to Noctis.
Matchup C
I really not a fan of either of these, but I will try and vote.
Lulu, the only thing I like about your signature is the character used.  Sadly the rest is way too simple for my liking.  Text placement is bad (try going somewhere else than the corners, learn rule of thirds) and the background is basically a crosshatch pattern.
Wakka's signature is going to be the winner here, even though it definitely has errors itself.  Not too many though.  The main one is with the text, you picked a bad color for it (a solid white or a transparent green would have been a better choice here) and it could have been pushed more to the left, other than that, it looks like a good signature for someone who is maybe new to signature making.
My vote goes to Wakka here.
Matchup D
Another really good matchup, it was really hard to choose between these.
Tifa, this is a really good signature.  I like all of the sparkly effects and definitely the thing you did with one of the guns, the detail in some of the effects is really nice.  The text seems on point, maybe the only thing I think could have had some improvement here is PSNP could have maybe been even smaller.
Balthier, again, this is a really good signature.  I like the effects here too and the fact you made the character look like they were holding magic (assuming that wasn't in the render originally, that must have took some work to do).  However, I have one small issue with the text, I notice you have used Japanese text here, but the thing is, black can barely be seen over the dark blue, so I can't even manage to even try to read it (my eyesight is terrible, it's actually a wonder how I even noticed the Japanese).  I think it would have been better done white, same as PSNProfiles, maybe you forgot it was there and didn't intend for it to be in the signature anymore or something.  The other text is decent though, but kind of average compared to the rest of the signature.
My vote goes to Tifa this round.
Matchup E
Squall, it's clear you are new again as your signature is very similar to those that were in Matchup C.  While it is nice effort, some of the effects look rather cheap to me.  And again, this is not SotM, big slip up on the text considering that's the only text you have done, and like I have said to Lulu, learn rule of thirds, corner is a bad place for the text.
Cloud, I'm just going to get straight to the point, the background doesn't really suit the rest of the signature.  I am a fan of piles of different colors in signatures, but this doesn't really work out.  I think if you made it darker or a similar kind of color to the fractal effect in front of the character it would have maybe suit.  Yours definitely is graphically superior to Squall's though.
My vote goes to Cloud.
Matchup F
Umm.. not exactly a fan of either, but here goes.
Sephiroth, there is way too much empty space in your signature.  I'll like to hope you aren't who I think you are as I know this person can do much better than that, I'm going to hope you are someone new to this.  As for advice, look up some tutorials, learn rule of thirds (text is in the corner again), and don't make your canvas so big if you aren't going to use a lot of it.  While it may not seem like empty space to you because of effects going on, it's a lot of empty space that more could have been done with, for example, you could have had the text bigger and in that area where not a lot is going on.
Auron, your signature is a bit better than Sephiroth's but still not very good imo.  I have no idea why you used shadowing at the top.  Usually that area is used as a light source.  The effects are okay.  I definitely do like you tried to do a bit in front of the render and the text placement and style is okay.  I think like Sephiroth though, you could benefit from some tutorials too.
I'll like to assume you are both just new to this and just need to practice more, my vote goes to Auron as his signature is definitely more appealing.
Matchup G
I think I already know who I'm going to vote for here.
Another Snape signature, I was expecting more Black Mage signatures in this round tbh.  Vincent, this signature is really nice and definitely the better of the Snape signatures.  I do like the green effects and glow you have added for lighting.  Although I have a good feeling I know who you are and I just want to say you have done better.  The front effects look really nice, but the background seems kind of simple.  But I guess that is a good thing sometimes.  The font suits since it's based off Harry Potter so good choice there and I would also say it is good text placement.
Vivi, I don't know what you had as an idea for this signature..  I feel like the yellow text (I don't know what it is.. ) definitely ruins it.  It would have been a nice signature without that.  I don't know if you added that in yourself or if it was part of the render already but it's really bad looking and if that was in the render, then you made a very bad render choice.  The text placement seems off too, I would say you should have lowered that a bit, but doesn't matter, the signature already lost due to that yellow text effect.  And I will just give you some advice, pop out signatures are not great for tournaments/competitions, used to make a lot of them myself, none of them ever won anything.
Vincent gets the vote here automatically to me.


Matchup H


This is maybe going to be my most difficult matchup to choose a winner from.. both of the signatures are really good so I'm having trouble making up my mind between these.


Yuna, your signature is definitely really pretty.  The character even looks like Yuna (although I know it's just some genetic girl holding the Scorpio zodiac?), the effects are really nice, I like how you have made her look like she is in some kind of protective orb, just makes it look more white mage like really and the effects around that are really nice as well.  I sadly can't say the same nice things about the text though.  I feel if you didn't use the bevel etc in the text, just left it normal or used something simple like a gradient, that would have made it better.  It's not bad though, the placement is definitely on point.


Kefta, this a signature I can't really say much wrong on.  You have really made the character seem underwater.  I like how you used the C4D bubbles as magic attacks and that they are coming forward.  And the text is nice, really suits and is on point.


I think down to the fact I didn't see anything wrong with Kefta's signature in this round, I think I will vote for his, if I could though, I would have voted for both.


Vote goes to Kefta.


That's my voting finally done.  I hope I wasn't too harsh on anyone.  This took ages, but I feel better putting my reasons down for the votes.

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Yes... The imags have finally loaded xD

Maaan... The first round is always the hardest for me to pick.. Lots of awesome siggy *slow clap*

A: Lightning

B: Noctis

C: Wakka

D: Tifa

E: Cloud (is the name matchup is just a Coincidence? <_<)

F: Auron

G: Vincent (sorry Vivi >_<)

H: Kefka

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