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Efficient Trophy Hunting?


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Check out the roadmap for the game, they are usually geared towards the most efficient way to complete the game 100%.  Dual screen for those boring grinds, much less tedious when you are watching your favourite show as well.


Like a lot of people will tell you though, you have to love gaming first and foremost so if you are in it just for trophies then I suspect you will eventually give up hunting.

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You improve with time as you get to know "standard" Trophy Lists.

Find out all Chapter specific trophies and make a plan to get them, watch videos if you like visual aids.

Follow roadmaps and just generally know about games and their infamous trophies.

I'd say remove your "Just testing the game out" playthrough and head straight in if you'd like. Others prefer just playing it once and then hunting for trophies.





Most importantly though, have fun. Trophies are worth nothing if you don't enjoy it. :D

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If you feel like you are wasting time, then stop worrying about trophies and switch off the notifications.


Time is precious - focus on playing and enjoying games.


Believe me, you don't want a 'second job' hunting trophies purely for the sake of it.

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The only thing I check out is missables, cause they can really mess up your gameplan (pun intended :P ) and certainly if you've got a neverending backlog...

Otherwise just fling it, have fun, and come back for those trophies you missed...

First and foremost, keep in mind that trophies are just a digital 'ding', so don't sweat it if you miss it, ain't nobody worse off because of it...

(I do of course say this knowing that I too salivate at that sweet sound as it pops ;) )

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Train yourself to focus on two things at once. Then you can read a guide while playing or play a game on two consoles at the same time. If you want even more trophies get a vita and ps4 in addition to your ps3.


It also never hurts to gitgud.

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read a guide ..
play with a laptop or i pad  in front of you.

start the game on normal difficulty to learn the game and with the roadmap for collectibles or miss. trophies. (laptop)

clean up if possible on easy.

for online stuff make sessions on this site to make things easy if possible.

and have fun ?


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