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PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds

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Anyone hear any updates on the PS4 version? Really looking forward to playing this soon. Hopefully more post-alpha/beta content on release for consoles.


EDIT: Crap... should've posted in Unreleased subforum.

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I've played them both fortnight & battlegrounds. Both have pros and cons but I prefer fortnight for the look kinda reminds me of team fortress 2.                                                     dust3yy.png

On 16/01/2018 at 7:08 AM, Denvirus said:

Is Fortnite a good alternative here?


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No thank you, Bluehole, we don’t want your generic looking, buggy and unoptimized piece of trash on the PS4. You cannot make your game optimized on the PC in the first place, you even released an unacceptable catastrophe port on the Xbox One and you still cannot make it good after all the patches. So why would you put it on PS4 this time? Make your game fluid and good looking before putting it on PS4. 


Also, it’s already too late to release it, since Fortnite is the king on PS4. You have no chance of beating your rival game.

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More evidence of PUBG confirmed on PS4. Here's again another NA and EU content-ID for PUBG's PTS (Playable Test Server)





Here's the dashboard image hosting from Sony servers. Only difference from my past post image is the added PTS and color, hence it's in test this month. Now from this, it doesn't state any release date but I read that someone on another forum site said it'll be out next month sometime in December.



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Too late to the party, if you ask me. Good luck on beating Fortnite on the PlayStation territory!



I may give this game a try, considering that the playerbase on PS4 might be low, just for the sake of populating it. :| 

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