Why PSNProfiles dont ban hidden hacked trophies

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3 hours ago, DaivRules said:

If you can prove they have hacked trophies and can provide the definitive evidence to a Cheater Remover, they'll take action.


If I understand the OP's original question, actually, we can't do anything [if it's proven to be cheated, but already hidden in advance]. Probably why all of these 'hidden trophy" debates pop up all the time.


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6 hours ago, DeepEyes7 said:


It would be more problematic if the site says which games can be hidden and which ones doesn't because it isn't only because of hackers, there is sometimes glitches that sadly can't be reproduced and get you flagged (As daiv said, things happen).... BUT if the CRT can prove that CFW was used to get the trophies that means instaban, not 2 strikes available...


I've seen some disputes about Army of Two and people claiming that got the mask before the site went down and can get the trophies legit now... A lot of colorful stories has been told...

About Army of Two: It is very much possible for someone to have done that. The mask server still works to this date, that's why everyone who uploaded a mask before the site went down, can still download this mask nowadays. Making it even possible for regular plat achievers to get the Japanese platinum for it. 


However, the problem is that the mask will be saved on the savefile, after being downloaded. Because of this, people can just download a savefile from the internet, with some masks on it and resign that savefile to their user. That's why that trophy has been littered with hackers over the years. 


There is also an easy way for someone to prove their DIY PMC legitimacy with a capture card:

1. Show your profile (ID) and the date in the PS3 internet browser

2. Go to your savefiles and delete all Army of TWO saves

3. Start up the game and go to the mask section, showing there are no saved masks

4. Use the EA mask feature in-game to download those masks

5. If those mask have been retrieved from the servers, it means that they were uploaded before the website went down

5 hours ago, PL_Tomasz_G said:

So flagged games are allowed to hide? Isnt it close the same. How its possible to hack trophies without a hacked console .

Yes, up to 2 older hacks/ savefile hacks are allowed, if they are hidden. Only the 3rd savefile hack or a hack with a CFW (a completely hacked console) will get you permanentely removed from the leaderboards. Personally I think that ruling makes sense, since some big accounts might have made a mistake in the past, when the whole idea of trophy hunters wasn't so fleshed out yet. I remember back in the day seeing a Fifa 09 tutorial, to get that live trophy that went down after like 6 months, by just downloading a save from the video description on YouTube. You didn't even have to resign that savefile, so back then it never even occured to me that people could even be flagged for that and I'm sure other people saw that video and just considered that a fix as well. 


I can very well imagine that some people were just playing around with stuff like Socom or Pure in those years and after that have been hunting legitimately for years. Of course they should be forced to hide those games, but it shouldn't completely invalidate someone's account. 


Und zu deiner zweiten Frage: Man kann einfach am PC savefiles auf deinen eigenen User umschreiben, wenn du einen Save besitzt bei dem das abgeschlossen wurde was du brauchst. Danach einfach auf eine Konsole via USB ziehen und dann im Spiel einfach laden. Dafuer muss man keine Konsole hacken. Das ist aber recht bekannt und es wundert mich das du davon noch nie etwas gehoert hast... 




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