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What's the most easiest/ hardest/ rubbish/ good. boss you have fought in a game


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Does most awesome and epic boss count too? :D

Then I'd say all the bosses from Dragon's Dogma!

Grigori, Ur-Dragon, Griffin's, Cockatrice's, Cyclops', Chimeras, Gorechimeras, Drakes, Wyrms, Wyverns, Hydra, Archhydra, Evil Eyes, Golems, Metal Golem, Lich, Wight, Ogre's.

And ofcourse all the Dark Arisen bosses but I haven't played that yet.



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Out of the games I've played my list looks like this:


Easiest: Vayne from FFXII - the true final boss of that game was Yiazmat for me


Hardest: Sepiroth from KH


Rubbish: Barthandelus from FFXIII - having to fight him 3(?) times in the game with the exact same strategy every time was boring and tedious


Good: All the bosses from Shadow of the Colossus

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Easiest: final boss in ACII... seriously, was that some kind of a joke?

Hardest: not exactly a boss, just a regular Malboro from FFVIII and his Bad Breath causing every single possible ailment in the game, hadn't it been for Zell's speed in punching that thing's face inside out the whole fight would have been about sitting back with your fingers crossed that a miracle would happen.

Rubbish: pretty much every fighting game arcade final boss, though a very spetial mention goes to Galactus from UMvC3.

Best: Necron from FFIX as I make it an habit to keep my party at the lowest possible level to make the game more challenging, I also went wihout any preparations and well... fun times, fun times.

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Easiest: Dr. Nakayama in Borderlands 2 DLC for obvious reasons.

Hardest: Surt in Ragnarok Odyssey; I still have no clue how to beat him.

Rubbish: Polygon Man in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale; expected a lot more and you aren't even fighting him half the time. Goes out in about 20 hits total.

Best: Evil Twins at the end of Crash Twinsanity; music fit well with the whole thing.

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Easiest aside from DR. Nakayama in Borderlands 2 was the final boss in Demons Souls. It took no time at all.

Hardest: Online Ur-Dragon in Dragons Dogma its beyond impossible

Rubbish: Alduin in Skyrim, he was way too easy by the time I got to him and it was so unrewarding.

Best: Damien in Dark Arisen, once you get to the real battle it gets crazy intense and a lot of fun, also Death in Dark Arisen after being slaughtered multiple times by the insta death scythe

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I only went from games I've played on the PS3 since their most recent and easy to recall.

Easiest-Father Mathias (Tomb Raider)

Hardest-Hotline Miami final chapter bosses (Mainly because I had no clue what to do)

Rubbish-The Joker (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

Best- I can't think of one currently so I'll edit it in later

I might edit hardest too. I was just annoyed with Hotline Miami, I didn't like the game much so that could have impacted my decision.

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Easiest: Shadowlord From (NIER)... Pretty disappointing considering he's the last boss in the game, still loved the game either way though :D

Hardest: Mysterious Figure from (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)...DAMN O_o That's all I can say about him lol

Rubbish: The final boss for (Demon's Souls ) Haha! That boss was a complete joke! xD There was no effort put into making the final boss actually challenging...-_-

Good: Duke from (Tales of Vesperia) Fight was epic in my opinion! Even better if you get everyone's ultimate weapons too :P  

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