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Games With Only Silver Trophies


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Are there any games with loads of silver trophies?

I got 1300 Gold, 6000 Bronze, 2168 Silver. Just a fun way if i could get a round number of 2200 without breaking up the other ones.

it does not have to have a plat but my plat count is 196. so a 200 count would also be nice for that.

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Sound Shapes that was mentioned should be the top game when it comes to Silvers due to it's DLC, many stacks too and with cross buy you get it for PS3/4/Vita in one purchase. However do be aware that the cross save feature, and thus autopops, has been taken offline. Not a long game to 100%, but autopopping is obviously preferable. 

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Crypto, Word Maze, Mixups, One Word  have 31 silver each and easy to avoid 1 gold and plat trophies.


Chickens on the Road can give you 14 silver but there are also a few golden ones.


The Order 1886 has also 14 silver and a few golden ones.


I think there's no game with a silver only trophy list...

52 minutes ago, MisterGibraltar said:

Also, in Sound Shapes you need to beat the game first to access Death Mode right? That's a Gold so it'll break your 1300 golds count for sure.

There are 55 silver trophies from dlcs available right away so if @PrimalxFear doesn't play Story Mode it's possible to get many silvers but not the plat correct

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