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Who will comeback?


Who will comeback?  

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  1. 1. Who will comeback?

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Hello gamers and Merry Christmas. I'm BrunoBomb and I'm here with a really good question that most certainly the Walking Dead fans have that too.


If you saw or played Episode 1 of Season 2 of The Walking Dead you know what this about. If you didn't then see the video below and go directly to 24:22 so that you don't see much spoiler. Just the part in question of this poll.



So I gave you 4 options that may be the correct answer but if you don't think of that choose the last one and say who will be back.


Christa --> From the group of the 1st season, she, Omid & Clementine we're the rest that was reunited. She was pregnant but then Omid


so we go later a few months (16 months I think) and Christa & Clementine are attacked, now Clementine runs but we hear a shot in the background while she is running. So the question is. Is Christa dead? The shot might be failed and maybe she could have run away.


Glenn --> Glenn appears in this game and in the TV series of the Walking Dead and (last time we saw in the TV series) he was sick. But we're talking in the game so maybe that don't have to be really what's happened to him in the game (getting sick in a destroyed prison). So he might be alive, We don't know, in the 1st episode the 1st season he had gone to Atlanta to help his friends. Maybe he is still alive.


Kenny --> His child was bitten. His wife killed herself because she couldn't kill her son and (if we choose not to kill him) Kenny killed his son and finds out is because Ben was giving suplies to other gang but in the end they we're looking for Clementine but Ben fall down and is stuck and there is walkers around them. Kenny locks Lee so he don't die and to be able to find Clementine and Kenny used his gun with 1 bullet left to kill Ben to take him out of his misery. But maybe he might survived. We didn't saw if Kenny was dead or not.


Lilly --> She killed Carley or Doug and then (your choice) you left her on the road or she stole your RV. But either way we don't know if she died or not so maybe it could be her and she hated Lee for killing her father alongside with Kenny (if you chosed to do that). But she had nothing against Clementine.


Someone else --> I dont see who but maybe someone from the DLC 400 days but as far as I know Clementine don't know none of them. But if can think of someone else just say it.


So I explained a bit about the 5 choices so now you can chose and you can agree or disagree with my choices.


250px-ATR_Christa_Angry.png 250px-AND_Glenn_Leaving.png 250px-NTL_Kenny_Rooftop_Box.png 250px-LRA_Lilly_Argument.png

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I think (hope) Kenny, Clementine doensn't know yet if Crista is dead so she wouldn't react that way (she reacts like the person in question was definitely thought to be dead), and since we never saw Kenny die I think it's him. But it's almost a given that Lilly will come back. 


When I think about it, I'm very exited for the next episode!  :lol:

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Doubtful of Glenn as he has his role in the comics which (not sure if still relevant or not) the game is intended to be canon to. Lilly was also intended to be a character from the comics but the writer ultimately decided to make them two separate characters so that's a definite possibility. 


It was previously said that Telltale intended to "explore" Kennys fate in this season so he seems a good possibility seeing as not only did we not see him die, it was originally scripted that it was very obvious he died but they changed it to the way it is shown now being more open ended. I honestly think the situation looked very hopeless for Kenny and if they do bring him back I may have a hard time buying the survival story but we'll see what they pull out.


Christa is quite possible I'd say, seeing as one of the guys they found near the end of the episode was of the group that attacked them in the beginning it's feasible that if they didn't actually kill her they could have taken her captive, allowing her to be close enough that the new group may encounter her again.


Can't really think of anyone else it could be. Hershel and Molly are the only other characters who I can recall not being seen to die, but once again Hershel has his place in the comic series and as for Molly while there are a couple of scenarios where she was last seen running for her life I'm fairly sure my save had the one where she simply leaves the group and still saw that preview in the ending so seems unlikely.


So to sum it up for me Christa is the most likely option but I definitely wouldn't rule out Kenny or Lilly.

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Ain't a chance for Glenn, since he went to Atlanta and that's where the comics kicked off with him.

Doubt it's Lilly, since Clementine was never really attachted to her, + I doubt she checked her off as dead.

Kenny IS a possibility, but it was said that Kenny's fate will be explained in S2, not that he will come back.

And in all honesty, the most logical answer is Christa as she is one of the most important characters in the story ATM.

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Christa- I think she might be appeared for the next episode, but I think now it will not happened because I heard the gunshot and it most likely she will be dead.


Gleen- At first I don't know who is that person is, but thanks to op describing what happened to him, now I know he is badass. I still think it's not going to be him since obviously he don't know what's happening to the main group who everyone is died.


Kenny- Lol. I miss him for sure. I think sadly he may not going to be here at the 2nd episode I guess.


Lilly- Now she most definitely will make a comeback I think. I have a feeling that she will be here thanks to the last thread who mentioned her. 

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Seeing as how Clementine (along with us players as well) doesn't know if Christa is dead, I'm gonna go on a limb here and say it's Lily mostly because of Clementine's reaction in the Next time preview. She didn't know Glenn for that long so that for me will be out. Though I do want to see him come back. I don't remember if Kenny died or not....but it would be nice if he came back as well. I'll be happy with anyone coming back, really. Even Lily, because it will give the story a nice plot addition. Either way, I'm excited and can't wait for the next episode!

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