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Dragon Ball: The Breakers announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC


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So, this is basically Friday the 13th with a Dragonball skin, huh?

I get it that Z is a tired franchise, and only kids looking for internet respect points that are more  interested on the original DB who has more pervert jokes than fighting  will lie to themselves that it’s better than Z,  but couldn’t they do something different? I heard Super is still running, perhaps touching some of that too? Or better yet, some other games, since Bandai has so many licensed shit. The premise is a bit comical, considering death has no consequences and the villains are galaxies busters, yet they run on a city hunting humans one by one, even stealth is… not something DragonBall is famous for, Oolong and Puar forgotten (author and audience) characters from the early DB have  a transformation gig, can’t think of anything else, and why the villains are hunting random fodders? Cell I get it, but he even reaches his perfect form in the cutscenes,  so he shouldn’t have any reasons for not blowing up the town, or even world altogether. This feels like a throwaway cashgrab, with Bandai wanting some of that DbD and Ft13 moolah, so they just use a popular brand as a cover, but it’s like doing a Gran Turismo ripoff  because one filler episode had Goku and Piccolo  driving a car, just no.

My condolences to those trying to plat all DB games, especially since  Bandai is famous for throwing many worthless online trophies on dead on arrival titles.

Edit: you know what should have worked better?I mean, if they really cared about this weird idea.  I have no idea about the current series on SJ, who Bandai basically has a grip to, so my old ass will redirect you to Bleach, specifically pluses and hollows, hell even weak shinigamies and Arrancars, Yhwach trying to kill humans, hollows or shinigamies to sustain himself, some quincy (important character or nameless jobbers) trying to survive Yamamoto’s bankai etc, Bleach had at its core the themes of survival and horror, but nope, fucking DragonBall again.

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This looks... Interesting to say the least, but why don't they do this sort of genre with an anime that makes sense? I'd love to see something like this for Promised Neverland, but I guess DBZ IP sells more copies...


At least they're trying something different, but I think there were other genres to try first (such as a soulsborne type game, tactical strategy, party game etc.)

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If you know the story from dragon ball it makes sense. Future trunks change the time line were goku dies from heart attack and all Z fighter's are killed by cyborgs 17 and 18. Cell is then born in a world without any powerful characters aside trunks. Bulma and oolong are still alive in this time line. 

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