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Official SotM IX


Signature of the Month IX  

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Anime seems to be popular so we're going with that theme this month. About two weeks for entries. The signature can be of anything and has to meet the rules stated below. Looking forward to the entries!



-All entries are submitted to me, cmgravekeeper.

-Entries must be brand new and made for this SotM.

-All entries must remain anonymous and work should not be shown to others in advance.

-Names should not be on entries.

-Copies of the .xcf and .psd files should be kept as proof of work being legit.

-One may not vote for him/herself.

-Anyone that votes must have atleast 25 trophies on their profile to limit fake accounts.

-Signature must have "PSNP", "PSNProfiles", "SotM", or "Signature of the Month" on it.

-Max Size Restrictions: 500 x 250 (250 x 500 for vertical sigs).




1st Place: cmgravekeeper - 29/59 votes



2nd Place: Ramonachan - 14/59 votes



3rd Place: TakahashiDemon - 7/59 votes



4th Place: Beyondthegrave07 - 5/59 votes



5th Place: Masamune_316 - 4/59 votes



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