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13 hours ago, Beyondthegrave07 said:

So follow up question: Favorite MMA fighter to watch?

For me right now basically everyone coming up out of the Caucasus Mountain Region of Europe/Russia I'd keep an eye out for. Those guys over there are built different, dudes are animals in the cage. In the Welterweight division 2 guy in particular Shavkat Rakhmonov and Khamzat Chimaev are destined for great things. One of those dudes will be champion of that division in the next 1-2 years mark my words. Both guys have savage hands and an even more savage ground/wrestling/grappling game, and they're both undefeated in their pro-careers. Rakhmonov has never made it to the judges cards in 16 fights, all stoppages and made it look easy against elite competition. Chimaev's first 4 fights in the UFC my man got hit a total of 2 times cumulatively and stopped all 4 guys inside of 2 rounds which is INSANE even amongst the elite, stuff like that was pretty much unheard up up until now. Dudes first fight in the UFC he choked his opponent out in the 2nd round and like 10 days later he took a fight short notice and stopped that guy in the 1st without breaking a sweat. Those guy are scary good, I'd recommend watching some of their highlights for reference.


17 hours ago, sum1_worsethan_u said:

Love that Fallout tattoo...and the Game Over is very clever. And what? Far Cry 4 didn't even make your list...lol Love that Drive by Incubus is a go-to....nice. I visit the Flagged Game Disputes for the exact same reasons. And I can't imagine not having PSNP+...great interview.

Haha thanks man, yea I forgot to throw Far Cry 4 in there. That one was pretty good, I'd probably put that one in between FC5 & New Dawn.

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