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what class fits you?


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So with Destiny officially in the hands of the public, I am curious to see which class best fits your style of gameplay.

For me it would have to be the Titan, I'm all about running and gunning, getting in the middle of the fight, and absorbing damage while still dishing out a good beating.

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I picked Hunter and I've really liked it. Bladedancer subclass is great and Arc Blade is fun to use. And yeah, I love the cape. I was really happy when I got my first proper one although it was nothing special, haha. And I guess Hunter suits me the most playstyle wise as well.


Warlock seems really intriguing as well so definitely trying it next.

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Hunter; fits my headshot + sneaking style perfectly. The Gunslinger and Bladedancer abilities are also both killer; especially in the MP (I once got 5 kills with one use of blade-dancer  :P)


I am keen to do a Warlock class eventually; the powers look tremendously fun. My close 2nd choice


The Titan doesn't interest me so much, to be honest. I get bored with the samey 'shooter' characteristics of characters like the titan. I'm sure I'll do one eventually for the trophy, but definitely doesn't suit my style.

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Dat Hunter, tho.


Seriously, though, that throwing knife? Best thing ever.


Seriously though. I had a bouny for postmordem kills in PVP. I got it using the throwing knife. Last ditch effort to take the enemy down with me!

Exactly what im doing. And 21 as well, finding armor with light rarely :(

I keep playing the Crucible for a few reasons. 1) It's fun and challenging. 2) You get Crucible Marks and Rank so you can eventually buy legendary amror. 3) Occasionally one of the rewards you get will be better armor with more light. Sometimes it's not much, but every bit helps. 

Doing PVP since yesterday, and I went from level 20 to 23. Just keep at it guys. You can get better armor, it just takes time.


Also if anyone couldn't tell from above, I play as Hunter. I played Warlock all through Alpha and Beta, but for some reason I chose Hunter when I got the game and have just stuck with it. It's pretty awesome.

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