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Help me choose a PSN!


Help me with my psn!  

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  1. 1. WHICH PSN!!!!????!!!!

    • kelpie555 (from 2008)
    • AcidDoctor (from 2012)

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OK so first of all i am not new in any way I have been suing ps3 since 08 and have used ps1 and 2 (this is in case this community goes "lol no newbag" i dont know what you are like but i doubt you are annoying)


anyway my first PSN ever was kelpie555 i made it back in 08 and...well...i disliked the name so I moved on...then i disliked the next...moved on....etc.......


now my current one has a decent name "CinemaPopcorn" but I look like a newbag so i decided to move back to one of my older ones


Now here the thing, I could move to AcidDoctor...not THAT old but kind of old (from 2012) and has a decent name OR go back to kelpie555


the issue is i want people to know i have an older account idk maybe its me being fussy idk what it is but yea I want to show it off kind of i guess


which one should I go with? if names arent that important i will stick with kelpie555 

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I have won manty cases and took half the sony corporation


and yea ty i think i wil lgo with AcidDoctor but due to my mini OCD thing i will have to say my original name somewhere lol

just looked through again and realised some people find CinemaPopcorn the best but due to the fact I for some reason dislike the whole "lol his psn was only made last year what a newbag obviosuly moved from xbox or something lol" so im gonna go with AcidDoctor

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If I have to choose the one without the numbers, as think any account with numbers looks silly. You should have just stick with your original psn and I hope Sony get their shit together and let you change it, the survey they did about 2 months ago suggests they are at least thinking about it. 

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well atleast your name is not "eatmyturd15times" although ive got to admit that made me laugh :lol:


No matter what name you go with theres always going to be someone that doesnt like it. If you like it then use it. There would be some that dislike my name but i like it so im happy.

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