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Name an app game that's free, and has no on app purchases whatsoever.


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Because I wanna try something that's good and free and none of the freemium crap. Name away!



Do you want a game that you cannot buy anything in it, or a game that you can enjoy without needing to buy anything in it?  There is a very important distinction there.

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Because I wanna try something that's good and free and none of the freemium crap. Name away!


Those games are free* because of their business model. Either ads or in-game purchases. It's a rare crazy person who makes a game and gets it into any of the app stores expecting not to at least be compensated for their game.


Spider Solitaire on iOS has ads, but no in-app purchases. Minesweeper is the same. That's all I can think of.


Is that even what you are looking for? No in-app purchases but ads are okay. Or no ads either? iOS/Android or Windows phone? I suggest you just go to a store and steal a 3DS bundle with a game. Then you'll avoid having to pay for anything whatsoever. 


*as in access to the game. 

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Plague Inc.


4.5/5 Stars ·Google Play

5/5 Stars ·Apple

Plague Inc. is an iOS and Android strategy video game, developed by one-man developer Ndemic Creations. The player creates and evolves a pathogen in an effort to destroy the world with a deadly plague. Wikipedia

Initial release date: May 26, 2012


Here's the Wikipedia:


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I play Spider-Man and I don't think it has any ads at all. You do have to have internet access to play it though. It's an endless runner, like temple run, but a lot more fun in my opinion. 


I have been playing three other games with my friends, Draw Something is cool, better with friends, okay with random people, you get a word, like 'house' and you have to draw it, the drawing is sent to your friend and they have to guess from your drawing what it is, then it's their turn to do the drawing and send it to you.

Weak warrior is an okay game and Zig Zag is pretty much an endless runner but one of the better games I'v played on my phone. These games do have ads but I think if you play offline you won't get anything, you'll have to be online and see ads for Draw Something due to the multiplayer aspect but it isn't plagued with ads thankfully.

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You could try using an GameBoy or PSP emulator for your phone and play some old school games. If an emulator isn't what you are looking for, try Flow Free or Chess Free. Flow is a puzzle game where you have to connect the points together while Chess is...well you know, a strategy game.

I used to have an emulator, but I had to update this damn iPad... *.*

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