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Opinions on the PS Paris conference?


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#basedHarada won the conference, no doubts =D



But damn, guys, Gravity Daze looks TOO DAMN GOOD!



Also, EU best, they know how to handle JP presenters!  :D You let them speak and THEN you translate!



Engrish best language! ENGRISH BANZAI!





0) Gravity Daze wins everything

1) EU wins, letting Japanese presenters present in right language, that's it, that's all I need.

2) Engrish makes everything better :awesome:

3) I wanna go there



As for games... well, I didn't expect much since it's not TGS, but the lineup wasn't actually that bad.

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It was pretty meh to be honest. The highlight for me was what they showed with Gravity Rush 2, although I'm still kind of annoyed that they jumped ship from Vita. Traitors...  :P Other than that, the new trailer for Bloodborne The Old Hunters was cool. I'm really excited to get my hands on that. Unless I'm just forgetting something, everything else didn't interest me at all. Here's hoping for something better at the PlayStation Experience. 

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It was great! They announced Detroit!


Uncharted 4 MP and Gravity Rush 2 were great too but i never thought they'd make a game of Kara, there was a bonus video you can unlock in Beyond Two Souls that showed a demo of it and it's really nice to see that it was made into an actual game. Can't wait for it.  ^_^

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It was alright from what I was able to see. Obviously they did this conference to have something to counter for Halo 5's release. No reason why they couldn't have done this conference at Gamescom.


But they had, in my opinion, the best E3 conference in years so I'll give them a pass this time. I have higher hopes for PSX later this year.

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