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Current and upcoming events for the "Community Ambassador" trophy


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On 10/07/2019 at 1:24 PM, totallycrushed said:

@stpatty yeah, I tell people to make sure they’re on the LB in the OP post. Did you do that before?

I think I'd been doing that. I didn't show up right after completing the lap, but it usually worked the next time I logged on.

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I’m actually really upset about this, the game is only a few years old, and the platinum is already unobtainable, I only just did the online and plat for N4S Undercover, a game from 2008... I really wanted this and PC2 on my list and these devs have locked me out, can we not all band together and start a petition to keep this trophy live for another year or so, I tried to call the devs about it but typically they like to send you around in circles or put obstacles in your way so you can’t contact them, so angry lol 

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7 hours ago, Shmeefly said:

So what I’m confused about is that I asked if the platinum is still achievable and I was told no, but it’s all down to when the devs want to add more so it’s still technically achievable 

If you start it now you are relying on them releasing enough events to hit the mark needed. I'm just going to take a punt and see what happens.

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So I suppose the only other question I have about this annoyance is that is it possible to go and do these events right at the start of the game with no owned cars etc and will doing them pop other trophies in between, because of the uncertainty I’d like to get the game and work solely on this community ambassador trophy, if it doesn’t unlock I’d like the chance to delete the trophies but if I need to progress or other trophies will unlock doing them I don’t wanna be stuck on 8% for example and not be able to delete it? Thanks in advance  

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29 new events added with 1 On-Demand event. Time to pick this back up again! Same thing as last time. I'll keep updating the OP and make weekly reminders so those who follow this thread can get pinged as a reminder.

Seems like the start dates have been moved to Tuesdays this time.

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