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OLD TOPIC: My Name Is Mayo Not In Australia, Germany & New Zealand


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8 hours ago, Skeptical69 said:

Just as the title of this topic suggests, this post on the European PlayStation Blog states that post this game will not be released in Australia, New Zealand and Germany.


Could anybody think of one valid reason why this game should not be released for these countries? I can't, so I would presume you couldn't either.


If anyone is able to contact Sony and/or Green Lava Studios about this issue please consider doing so for people like myself who prefer not to create an account for a different country just to buy a game that is in a different region but not yours (I mean, a game shouldn't not be released in a certain country unless, for example, the country/region you live in has a controversial video game classification board like Australia's).


So what do you guys think of this? I think it's outrageous that people like me had waited a whole year just to have a game release for their region (let's not forget people wanted this game for the trophies) but then you find out that you waited that whole entire time to get nothing! reminds me of a meme from a movie I saw at one point...


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Just paste Sony's and/or Green Lava Studios' logo over Wonka's face and you'll get the point!


Wow that sucks :( you can buy the US version and the UK versions though, Make a US account and then use play-asia.com to buy a PSN card and voila :) Do not buy the Vita version though as is locked to one account. 

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i understand that this is a game for trophy hunters that people in these regions would like to get their hands on (easily) but bitching about not getting it in your own store is a troubleing sign. I mean if you're that crazy about stupid trophies (not in general, but ridiculous games that make absolutly no sense) buying it in a foreign store should be the least of your problems

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I would be surprised if it doesn't make it to these countries. But surely you know what the Australian Classification Board are like. NZ isn't a lot better (they were delayed in getting Amnesia as a plus game due to classification issues), and Germany are worse. I'm sure it will come (at least the Aus and NZ) sometime soon

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We all know it's down to how the rating systems work and that it costs extra money.... Oh they also released a statement saying this but it would be nice to know just how much it would cost given a lot of small games like Licky The Lucky Lizard Lives Again made the jump to the Australian store.

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10 minutes ago, serverTimeout said:


Thanks for sharing this link. I guess i'll just have to forget about this little game for now...


7 minutes ago, Graffin_G said:

Thanks Maxie Mouse.., you saved me £0.99.

I already have the US/NA Platinum for the PS4 version, and was hoping the EU version would stack. ☹️


I'm quite surprised myself that there wasn't a separate stack for this game for Europe. I guess if there was a new stack for the PS4 version they might've made another Vita stack. But I don't personally see the point for an EU Vita stack since the Vita is locked to one account anyway...

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