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Premium Trophy Cabinet Size Increase


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I think 20 would be nice. Once you get past like 100 platinums it starts to get harder to pick the select few. Wouldn't mind like 10 rarest as well.


The cabinet and rares are like a snippet of your gaming and the games that you think define your profile essentially, so I'm always with increasing that to allow for more of an accurate assessment, i cant think of any other way to put it. This is a trophy site so it would be jice to show off just a little bit more after all..especially for those who have a huge amount.

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This is less of a suggestion thread and more of a "PLEASE! PLEASE! I'M BEGGING YOU TO MAKE THIS EXIST!" thread. lol I would love to see us be able to display more trophies in our cabinets. I want to have my entire collection of Resident Evil platinums (for the games that I consider core) on display and currently, I am two spaces short. I would need 12 and am currently allowed to have 10 as a premium subscriber. Would it be possible to allow for 8 trophies on display for non-premium users and 12 on display for people with premium or something along those lines? Perhaps 10 and 15, respectively.


EDIT: This was a new post, but it was moved here. Thank you, mods!

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