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Trophies death end re;quest 2

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Looking forward to this one. I really enjoyed the first one as it was better than I anticipated going in. So much better, that I'll likely buy this at launch or very close to it. 

Trophy list looks fine. May require several play through or maybe just some timely save files, we'll see I guess. 

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11 hours ago, MrGarland said:

The trophies are mostly like in the first game, but there are a few different ones which is cool. I enjoyed the previous one more than I thought, so this should be fun. I don't mind if I have to do multiple playthroughs.

I'm about 4 hours in and the names of the trophies don't match tone of the game tho ?

(not that is bothers me tbh)


Be interesting to see how true ending compared to EX ending ?

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This isn't worth creating a new thread for, if anyone on the site is doing a trophy guide I found a site that might be good to reference. 


It offers pretty spoiler free information too




I won't post their easy to follow 8 point road map in case you don't want spoilers and on mobile so no spoiler tags for me. 

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On 30/11/2020 at 4:30 PM, TakemetoNarnia4 said:

Hi all,


I have the first game,currently at my 2nd playthrough and thinking of buying the sequel but i didn't hear good things about it.Is it worth buying?

Personally I think the sequel is better than the first game. Alot more interesting characters and captivating story. Looking back at the first game I think the first game is bad even tho at the time I played it I enjoyed it alot. If you like horror the sequel is definitely alot better since it has alot heavier focus on it.

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i just finished the 1st run of this game and i just didn't really like it, it's good but it feels very disconnected from the 1st game and honestly should have just been it's own story, i still have to finish ng+ but that won't really change the story that much i think only the ending, not a bad game but just wasn't for me and i liked the 1st one

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On 9/8/2023 at 9:25 AM, Sarah-Kimochiii said:

i just need something to be clarified please


are the side missions necessary for platinum ?


because i cant find beelzebub for drop mission 1 and i would like to skip it but i dont want the surprise to need a 3 rd play just for that lol

Side quests aren't necessary for any of the trophies. They just grant you items or money. What's needed for the trophy are the events (dialogues with other characters).

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