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The Wolf Amoung US season pass will arive on US PSN on Saturday and cost $19.99.


Note: Do not buy Episode 1 unless you want to waste $5.



Telltale announce the Season Pass on PS3 would included all 5 episode on October 8, 2013 - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151690081898597&set=a.402424398596.179515.11530858596&type=1

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I saw it on sale for under $14 and i'm tempted to get it, but i am not familiar with what comic book this is based on. The closest i know of this is that the synopsis of the game kinda reminds me of the ABC Once Upon a Time show. I kinda like that show, but this looks alot more darker.


Telltale has been hit or miss. I love everything they've done with Walking Dead, aside from 400 Days. But the earlier projects like Jurassic Park and Back to the Future were really terrible, imo. Hopefully they have learned from their experience with Walking Dead and all future projects will be amazing.

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If you're worried about the plot there is no need. Fables existed before Once Upon a Time or Grimm. It's darker and simply just... better. The graphic novel has won multiple awards and the game serves as a prequel to the comics if you find you want to continue the story.

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Picked up the pass for around $9 with psn sale. IMO the game is shaping up to be more enjoyable than Walking Dead. Story arc and game control elements are the reason. Everyone should pick it up before sale end 3/3/14.

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